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. Unlike the nostril, the septum is exposed to fewer bacteria and is known to be a quick healer.

Don’t overclean.

As a general guide, healing times for the most common body piercings can be: ear lobe 6 to 8 weeks.

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Ear piercings are one of the most common types of piercings. An ear piercing is a hole through your earlobe or the cartilage in your middle or upper ear. Soak a piece of clean gauze in the cider vinegar remedy and apply to the infected tragus piercing.

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Do this twice a day to keep the area clean.


Dip your fingers in a little jojoba or vitamin E oil and then rub the oil into your lobes for a minutes or two. .

24 L) of water and soak the area with a damp cotton ball. You can clean your infected ear piercing with a saltwater rinse.

Bathe the area in saline solution at least twice each day and try not to sleep on the pierced ear at night.

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Soak or spray your new piercings in sea salt and warm distilled water to facilitate healing. . A new piercing is an open wound that can take several weeks to fully heal.

. Hold on for 10 minutes. . Follow these steps to take care of a minor piercing infection: Wash your hands before touching or cleaning your piercing. Don't remove the earring. .

Saturate a cotton ball or piece of a paper towel with saline solution and dab the area around your piercing.

Once the piercing is complete, apply the same rules as you would with a lobe piercing. Doing the same method twice in a day helps you to stay away from ear infection.

To keep the healing of your conch piercing on track, Doig recommends avoiding earbuds, mask ear loops, and in some cases, glasses.

Setting in of winters lowers the amount of moisture in the skin, which is yet another impediment to fast healing of your piercing.

The warm water will help soften the skin.

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